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Brockman Electric is a commercial electrical contracting company in Daphne, AL servicing, businesses, commercial properties, general contractors, and homebuilders throughout Daphne, Spanish Fort, Stapleton, Loxley, and surrounding areas. Our experienced, licensed commercial electricians service all of the Eastern Shore and Greater Baldwin County, AL to the Gulf Coast of Alabama.

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Commercial Electrical Repair In Daphne and Spanish Fort, AL

Brockman Electric provides commercial electrical services to businesses in Baldwin County and the surrounding Alabama Gulf Coast areas. We excel in commercial electrical repairs, electrical maintenance, new construction, tenant improvement, and remodeling. From routine general electrical system maintenance, lighting installation, low voltage wiring, generator installation, and remodeling services, we have all of your electrical needs covered . No matter what type of commercial electrical project you have, we can handle the job. Contact Brockman Electric to get started with your free quote today.

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Commercial electrical troubleshooting, repair, and installation services near Daphne, AL.

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Commercial Electrical Work

Brockman Electric offers professional commercial electrician services to local businesses and commercial properties in the Daphne, Spanish Fort, Malbis, and surrounding Eastern Shores areas of South Alabama.

A primary aspect of commercial electrical work is routine maintenance to keep electrical systems and components up to code and in safe operating condition. Many businesses have scheduled maintenance and safety inspections to minimize downtime and disruptions to business. We understand that being open for business is critical and we give business clients priority. Call us today to see how we can help with your business maintenance, repairs, and emergency service.

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Commercial Electrical
Maintenance and Installation in Daphne and Spanish Fort, AL

Our commercial electrical clients rely on us to keep their businesses open and running. Our 50-plus years of experience in the electrical industry helps us to quickly and accurately diagnose and repair electrical system issues. Many times we have been able to find and fix tricky intermittent problems that other electricians could not find. Also, we are always available for a second opinion. Sometimes different opinions are needed to root out difficult problems.

Retrofit, Upgrade, and Save Money

Running a business is tough! Nowadays with high overhead expenses and shrinking profit margins, cuts must be made wherever possible. Some of the best ways to save money are to modernize, retrofit, and upgrade your business with energy-efficient electrical appliances and systems.

Lighting System Upgrades

Your current commercial lighting system may be wasting money and lots of it. Old outdated buildings and parking lot lighting systems are huge money hogs. Modern lighting has evolved tremendously. Lighting components have gotten better looking, smaller, and become extremely energy efficient. If your business facility’s lighting must stay on for general ambiance or safety reasons consider upgrading to cost-effective modern lighting that is energy efficient, you will save money in the long run.

Network Data Wiring Installation

Keeping up with modern business requirements means having a fast data networking system to connect all of your internal systems and devices to the exterior world through the internet. A good and properly functioning structured data network system is crucial if you are to stay ahead of your competition and earn a reputation as a technologically sound company. We install structured data cabling systems in restaurants, offices, data centers, and commercial building construction. Allow us to help put your company in a better more competitive position technologically.

Lightning and Voltage Surge Protection

Do you already have a whole-building surge protection system installed? If so, how old is it? Does it still work? Can you risk it failing? As a responsible business owner, you always want to minimize downtime. Your business must remain open. An unexpected power surge or lightning strike can result in widespread damage to your electronic equipment, wiring, and commercial property. A new surge protector can protect help your electrical system, equipment, and components from surges. Don’t risk the destruction of your electronic equipment, business, and finances install a new surge protection system now before it’s too late.

Commercial Electric Backup Generators

For a business to make money it must be open and the power needs to be on. Living on the Alabama Gulf Coast you are already used to lots of rain, severe thunderstorms, and occasional hurricanes. Our frequent storms cause many brown-outs, black-outs, and sustained power outages throughout the summertime. An emergency backup generator can help minimize downtime from power outages and keep your business open and running. We can assist you in purchasing and installing a properly-sized generator that will keep your business running and protected from any lost time, data, or inventory in the case of an emergency.

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